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About me


I’m a new Master of Library and Information Science graduate, and this website highlights moments in my journey through the University of Arizona’s MLIS and Digital Curation program.

You can see several examples of projects I’ve done within my undergraduate and graduate pages and in my reflections on the MLIS  section, which is a series of essays I had to write and publish in fulfillment of the requirements of that degree. 

I’m open to work at the moment. You can download my resume here, or by selecting the option in the three lined “hamburger” style menu at the top right of this page. 




In addition to a lot of arts classes, I’ve also taken quite a few STEM classes. I majored in physics for two years, and software engineering for one.

I’ve ended up with an unaccredited BA in Counseling, a BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Letters, and a Master’s of Library and Information Science from an ALA-accredited school. I also will  have a certificate in Computer Programming and a certificate in Video Game Design from Yavapai College after the Fall 2023 semester.

Reflections on The MLIS

Our program requires us to meet certain criteria through the classes we take, and to write essays about the ways in which we met the marks. I’ve posted those essays here, along with artifacts from those classes, like papers, and other assignments.

MLIS classes

A list of the classes I took to earn my MLIS and their descriptions. I also earned the Digital Curation Certificate from the University of Arizona. 

Undergraduate classes

My BFA is in Interdisciplinary Arts & Letters from Prescott College. I also went to seminary for five years, and I’ve included the names of those classes here, but please note that those classes are not fully accredited.  


I like to draw the things I love the most about the way something looks. I’ve taken classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, 2D design, Photoshop, music, creative writing, theatre, film, and dance, specializing in nothing in particular, which is how I prefer it.


My degree is interdisciplinary, and I feel that that is a reflection of my openness to different forms of creative expression.