CSC 125

This class was a lot of fun. We used Visual Studio to create lots of colorful forms and applications. I had to get out my ten-year-old Windows laptop to run the best version of Visual Studio.


Visual C# textbook

Photo of textbook


This assignment involved toggling the names of dog breeds on and off of a chart.


This assignment was about calculating an estimate for a painting job.


This was a slot game.


This was a form for a doggie day spa.


This was a dice game in which we had to store previous throws in an external file.


This was making a form for a conference.


Sentence capitalizer appThis was the first assignment of the C# class that nearly ended me. We had to figure out a way to capitalize sentences without using certain, very useful, built-in string methods.


Contact information appI really like cheetahs, so I felt like giving this project about multiple forms a theme. I had more time to focus on design after the use of ChatGPT was approved. 


This is the assignment that actually broke me. Funny. It looks so harmless now. 


Email address book app

This is an email storage app. 


Contact app with a Batman theme

I gave this customer form dealing with classes an Arkham Asylum theme. The “customers” are all villains that have ended up there.