CSC 105


Yavapai College’s Computer Programming Certificate is project-based, and leaves a lot of room for creativity within assignments.

This introductory class focused a lot on pseudocode, “chunking,” and otherwise planning out a program to perform a given task. We used Raptor to build flowcharts, and programmed simple programs exploring variables, operations, arrays, and functions in Python. 

Raptor is a great program, but it only works on Windows machines. I used a virtual machine in order to access the program. 


Averaging program

We started with simple programs like this averaging task.


Example from Raptor website

I don’t want to give away answers to problems from the course, so instead of posting screenshots of my homework in Raptor, here is an example of Raptor from the official website!


This playlist is for anyone who needs to learn how to use Raptor!