CSC 113


This was one of my favorite classes. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun! 


Our assignments and reading were based off of the very popular Eric Matthes book


We started off working with lists, arrays, dictionaries, classes, and functions in Python.


This was an assignment done with a very interesting program called “Turtle.” It makes graphic designs based on algorithms. 


My midterm project was a game of hangman. (I am embarrassed to say that I misspelled “Pescatarian” in these screenshots, but that does help to illuminate how the program works.) We were not allowed to use a lot of the string-checking functions that Python has.


We also did the chapter about running tests.


Later, we started getting into Python’s applications to data science. I decided to do this assignment on the winter temperatures in Seattle.


This assignment took a very large, national dataset and coordinated the brightness of fires with geographic locations. It took a very long time to find a map in Python that worked with the CSV file!


This assignment was to connect with an API. I decided to connect with Twitter’s API. I made a website/bar graph that displays the most popular Tweets about one of my favorite Star Trek characters, Seven of Nine. 


Final Project: Arts & Crafts Recommender